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Английский клуб

Английский клуб - отличный способ практиковать язык в формате живого общения, а наши харизматичные тьюторы сделают это общение ещё более продуктивным. Каждую неделю мы предлагаем разные темы и разные форматы проведения клуба и тщательно готовим каждое мероприятие, чтобы вы говорили на английском с удовольствием!

Psychology of colour in business
Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate

16/03/18 17:00 PM - 18:30 PM

Do you know that the choice of colour influences not only basic aspects of life but is also crucial for your working environment? In this session you are going to :
-get to know more about meanings of basic colours,
-understand why this or that colour is used in a company’s logo
-watch a video about the importance of colours at workplace
-learn and use idiomatic phrases with colours
Join us, stay tuned and learn new things every week!

Краснопролетарская улица, 4

Supermarket Psychology

(Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate) 

13/04/18 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

How come that every time you arrive at a supermarket just for bread and milk, you end up with a trolley full of things you never wanted to buy? In this session we are going to
- learn more about marketing tricks and how to pass them by
- find out what trolleyology means
- learn and use some useful supermarket vocabulary

Краснопролетарская улица, 4